Imagining the Future

On Saturday 13th October, I along with other members of the Parish Church attended a ‘Day Away’ to discuss together the questions that Bishop Stephen had asked us to look at.  It was a good day and I believe that all the groups felt valued and able to give their honest opinions of how they would like to see the Church emerging for the future.  All the answers are in the process of being written up into a report as I write. 


I went home feeling that we had done as much as we could to look forward and I wait in anticipation to see what the initial outcome will be, and how we look forward to the future.  We know that finances are tight.  Most churches have the same problems, but with prayer, trust and obedience to God’s purposes, we can move forward.


There are so many things that we can do for our Community which do not require too much of a financial input, and perhaps we can begin there.  Today as I had my ‘quiet time with the Lord’ one of my readings was from Romans 1:9-10, “I remember you in my prayers at all times”.  The contributor talks of how we minister to those who suffer, suffering is one of the things that everyone in the world experiences at some stage in their lives.  The contributor concludes with these words.  “Ask God to make you the kind of friend whose presence brings comfort and encouragement”


As a member of the Pastoral Care Team, this is dear to my heart.   I noticed that on Sunday there were a lot of names requesting prayer, on the Pew leaflet, some that I did not know.  The Pastoral Care Team are always looking for more people who may not wish to be  part of the Team, but may be willing to call and see someone who is on the list, thereby ensuring that they are valued as part of the church.  I know from experience that a card written on behalf of the church from one of its members shows that we do care for other members of our ‘Church Family’ and is greatly appreciated. 


Our outward look into the Community has begin already with ‘Coffee Craft & Chat’ at St Mary’s School, and if you would like to help by simply coming along to chat, donating a cake or sharing a craft then please contact me.  We have met three times now and each time have experienced a real feeling of togetherness, as Mums get to grips with a crochet hook, demonstrated by Audrey, Cards with Alison, and last week Cross Stitch and Knitting too as we all did our best to teach them the basic principles. We look forward now to the 12th November our next meeting where we shall continue with some of these crafts and in December learn how to arrange festive flowers for the Christmas table.


Also on Loves Farm we have recently begun ‘Coffee, Cake & Chat’ which meets at the Football Club on the third Friday of each month.  If you are free on any of the dates please do come along and meet more people in our local Community or if you are unable to come, but could bake a cake, please contact Sarah.


Both of these projects are a community outreach to come alongside the people, meeting them where they are, showing them that the Church cares about them by providing them a space to meet and listening to their needs.


As we meet to pray for these projects, we ask the Lord to show us the next step then as we take each step God leads us to the next.  We meet for prayer at 56 Stone Hill on the 1st Monday of each month at 4pm.  We would love to see you, everyone is welcome.



Rosemary Darrington

Tel: 01480-476334


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