PCC Report for June 2018

PCC report

At the PCC meeting on Tuesday June 12th, we welcomed Mike Booker who is the Bishop’s Adviser for Market Towns. He is also part of the team involved in the restructuring of the parishes of St. Neots and Eynesbury. He asked for a resolution to be passed by the PCC that stated we are happy to proceed with the establishment of a team ministry between St. Neots and Eynesbury, and that resolution was duly passed with no disagreement.

Mike told us of the work in other market towns in the diocese - Wisbech and March in particular - and the funding available from the Church Commissioners and the diocese to move forward the changes anticipated.

Once we have greater detail, we can share that with everyone. He asked us to flag up October 6th when congregations from all the market towns are meeting at the Neale Wade Academy in March to share their experiences. We hope lots of us will be able to go. See the flyer on page 19.

This is a major item in the life of our church, and we know it will involve us all in accepting the inevitable changes that will be necessary, but it will be for the growth of the Kingdom of God in our town and lead to a closer  relationship with our friends over the bridge! It can only be for the better.

Other items reported at the meeting covered our work with homeless and vulnerable people in the town. We are pleased that this initiative is moving forward, with support offered from the Rotary Club.

We also noted that we have taken steps to ensure we shall not be in breach of the new GDP Regulations.

In order to be sure that every PCC member is aware of their responsibilities, especially as the trustee of a charity, we agreed to look at this in greater detail at the next meeting and begin to build a PCC handbook that will clarify the position for everyone.

David, Bishop of Huntingdon is  to retire in September and we are invited to attend a farewell service for him and his wife, Jean, on September 23rd in the Cathedral.

Another event in September is the performance in our church on September 20th by Searchlights Theatre group. Please read the review on page 7 and be sure to buy your ticket. It is a deanery event, so we hope to fill the church.

The churchwardens have written to the developers who have submitted plans for building on the former car workshop on Brook Street and will be meeting them to discuss issues regarding access to the rear of the Church Rooms.

Please note that the full minutes of PCC meetings are available in church.

             Ann Williams





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