Sunday service time survey

Over the past few months, a number of people have asked if our main Sunday morning service could begin at a later time. This request comes both from families with young children, and from older people, all of whom would appreciate more time to get ready in the morning before coming to church.

We would now like to ask everyone in the church, as well as others who do not come regularly but might consider doing so if a change was made, what you think. Realistically, we think that the only feasible change would be to start at 10am instead of 9.30am. Please help us by completing this form so that we know what you think

If enough people are in favour of change, or have no preference, we will consider changing the time for a six-month trial period in 2016

Please return the form to a sidesman in church, or put it in the box provided. Forms can also be left in the parish office mailbox.  Please return the form by Sunday 13 December

Paul (Vicar), Ann and Philip (Churchwardens)

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