Craft Group


The Craft Group

The St.Mary's Craft Group consists of a small number of ladies who enjoy knitting and sewing. We meet every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, the first Tuesday of the month in the Upper Room ( which is above the Parish Office)and the other Tuesdays in each others homes. We make knitted garments for babies and small children as well as pram blankets and shawls. We also knit toys, blankets, gloves, bed socks, hats and dolls clothes. Items sewn include aprons, pillowcases and peg bags .

This is a fund raising group for the Church and we have stalls regularly behind the United Reformed Church and two stalls a year on St. Neots market to sell what we make and items we have been given to sell. We raise about £2000 a year. We welcome new members to join our group and enjoy the fellowship.