Welcome to the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin - at the heart of St Neots, Cambridgeshire - and our sister church, St Mary’s Eynesbury.

    If you’re looking for a church in Cornwall, try here.

    After lockdown ends, services resume in both churches on Sunday 6th December, but there are no public services in church before then. See details below about online worship.

    From 6th December, services take place at both St Neots Parish Church and St Mary’s Eynesbury. They are carried out in accordance with government guidelines for during the Coronavirus, and are at 8am & 930am at St Neots, and at 11am and 4pm (the latter also livestreamed) at Eynesbury. Services also take place in the week, and CHRISTENINGS AND WEDDINGS ARE ONCE AGAIN POSSIBLE, though with very limited numbers.

    A live-streamed Eucharist takes place at 7.30pm on a Saturday, and is also available afterwards for catch-up. It can be found each week on our Facebook Page . If you are a Facebook member, please "Like" our page. We also have a YouTube channel onto which other services and reflections are uploaded , including Bible monologue reflections by the Revd Margaret Marshall.

    We aim to be a welcoming, caring, Christian community that draws on the best from the riches of tradition, and modern liturgical practice, to make the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ live for the people of St Neots today.

    In normal times, our beautiful historic 15th Century church at St Neots is usually open from 9am to 5pm daily, while Eynesbury Church, four minutes’ walk away, is open on many days.

    Under COVID19 restrictions, as the days shorten and the weather gets colder, we are, unfortunately, no longer able to keep St Neots Parish Church staffed to be open for private prayer. We hope the time will come soon when we can open for prayer and visitors again.

    At St Neots (an oasis of peace and calm in a busy town centre), visitors would normally be welcome to walk around, look at the wonderful Victorian stained glass and the dignified late-Perpendicular architecture (with woodwork from both periods). Eynesbury also has similar delights, though on a more modest scale. The Lady Chapel at St Neots and the Chancel at Eynesbury are the places where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved and can be seen from the Nave, but the spaces themselves are not currently open to the Public. 

    The historic parishes of St Neots and Eynesbury (separate parishes since 1204) came together on 1st March 2020 to form a new single parish with two parish churches, covering the whole of the town east of the Great Ouse (including the new developments at Love's Farm and Wintringham, east of the railway), and served by a Team Ministry which will welcome new staff, lay and ordained, in coming months. This website, previously focusing mainly on St Neots, will gradually be adapted to cover both churches.

    Further information about Eynesbury Church can also be found here

    If you are thinking about a christening, a wedding, or need some advice on funerals in church, there are some helpful Church of England websites (though, during COVID19 restrictions, christenings, weddings and funerals are still subject to strict conditions and very limited numbers). Follow the links for more details, but if you are interested in exploring the possibility of a Christening or Wedding in either of our churches, and have some connection with St Neots, please do not hesitate to contact us (Office or Rector) for more local information.

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