READ FIRST: Life events - COVID-19

Regrettably, it is not currently possible (while restrictions to deal with COVID-19 continue) for Christenings and Weddings to take place (except in emergency situations). All advance bookings can, therefore, only be quite provisional - and it will also be impossible for a minister to have a face-to-face conversation where that is normally required (e.g. if one of the couple seeking marriage has a former spouse still living). If at all possible we will try to honour the intentions of parents, couple, and others seeking baptism/confirmation, but we can offer no guarantees.

No funerals may take place in church in this period: but a service may take place either at a graveside or at a crematorium, though subject to whatever restrictions on numbers / gatherings are currently in force (in all probability it will be single figures, restricted to immediate relatives or those acting as next-of-kin). A minister is - of course - available to take a funeral, and will be happy to talk to you both about what is likely to happen, and about the deceased themselves. In these difficult times, it is quite likely that the conversation will have to be by telephone or other electronic means: if you find it helpful to provide information by email, the minister will provide you with an address by which you can contact him/her.

We very much wish these things were otherwise - but recognise that it is only by maintaining physical separation that we will be able to stem the relentless spread of COVID-19. We look forward to the day when normal service (and normal services) can be resumed.

Christenings at St Neots Parish Church and at Eynesbury

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