Vicars of the Parish of St Neots


Name Date
Alan de St.Neots 1238
Laurence de Claire 1246
Walter 1264
Robert de Preaux or Prideaux 1270
Hugh de Valle 1279
John Eslingham probably 1282
Hughde Everton 1305
Simon de Blatherwyk 1312
Johnde Sicca Valle 1315
Robert (next known)  
Walter Blow or Blogh 1349
William de la More or atte More 1361
William de Talyngton 1383
William Ras or Ros 1383
Richard Bell or Beel 1384
John George 1385
Thomas Bryan 1400
Robert Gonyld de Croxton 1418
William Typper 1444
John Gymber 1450
Richard Wright 1468
Richard Wolley or Wooley 1496
Richard Oliver 1496
John Green LL.B. 1505
John Rawnds (last prior of St. Neots) 1512
Richard Palmer 1540
John Fakon 1541
?Faucet 1556
John Tyme or Timmes 1562
Peter White 1573
William Smyth M.A. 1583
Peter White (again) 1588
Robert Dove 1616
Thomas Phage 1622
James Mabinson M.A. 1670
Samuel Taylor 1676
Thomas Shepherd M.A. 1690
William Gibbs M.A. 1707
John Hooper B.A. 1713
John Maud M.A. 1742
Robert Hudson LL.B. 1763
John Bewsher M.A. 1796
John Arthur 1806
James Appleton 1837
JohnGreen B.D. 1848
Charle Lyndhurst Vaughan M.A. 1854
Charles Hale Collier M.A. 1865
George Bowes Watson M.D. 1866
Richard Corker Meade D.D. 1875
Samuel St. Aidan Baylee M.A. 1902
Thomas Hodgson M.A. (Archdeacon of Huntingdon) 1912
Walter Knights A.K.C. 1922
Leonard Galley M.A. (Hon. Canon of Ely) 1943
Stanley Griffiths B.Sc. (Hon. Canon of Ely) 1965
Bruce Curry B.A. (Hon. Canon of Ely) 1978
Roger H.W. Arguile LL.B., M.A. (Hon. Canon of Ely) 1995
Paul D. Andrews B.Lib, Ph.D (Hon. Canon of Ely) 2008 - 2019

On 1st March 2020, the Parish of St Neots was reunited with the Parish of Eynesbury to form the Parish of St Neots with Eynesbury. The Priest in Charge of the two separate parishes, who took up his post in January 2020, became the new Rector of the Team Ministry that was formed. He is:

Andrew Paul Hutchinson M.A. (Cantab), B.Th (Oxon).

Paul was previously Rector of Stokesley with Seamer in York Diocese (2009-20), Team Vicar of Penrith etc in Carlisle Diocese (2002-9), Chaplain of Sunderland University and on the staff of Sunderland Minster in Durham Diocese (1999-2002), having been ordained and served a curacy also in Durham Diocese. Before ordination, Paul worked as a solicitor in Newcastle and retains strong links with various places on and near the Great North Road and East Coast Main Line!