Getting Married


At St Neots and Eynesbury Parish Churches, we believe that God's love not only creates and sustains all things, but also includes all people. We long for the day when some of the restrictions that the Church of England places upon marriage can be lifted, but we know that, for now, there are some for whom marriage in church is not possible. In a changing situation (and remembering, in hope, that other changes have happened in living memory), our ministers will be happy to explore what is possible: those who have been married in other settings are always welcome among us.

Whether you're just beginning to think about a church wedding, or well into your planning, we will help and support you and your families.

Our love for one another is a gift from God and reflects the love that God has for all of creation. Marriage is what the church calls a ‘sacrament’ – a sign of God’s grace and a reminder of his continual loving presence. A wedding - coming together to celebrate the love of two people who are committing themselves to a life-long relationship - is a cause of real joy for family and friends alike.

When a wedding takes place in church, as well as the specific vows and promises that are made within an act of Christian worship, we ask that God blesses your marriage and we pray that God is present with you and for you throughout your life together. If you are thinking about entering your marriage in one of our churches, we hope that you will find the information you need on these pages. Please contact us at to book your special day, or to ask for more information.

A church wedding can be a simple and quiet ceremony (perhaps even in one of our intimate smaller spaces), or it can be with all the trimmings: choir (or other musicians), organ and bells (St Neots' organ is grand and historic; St Neots' bells are among the finest in the region)! A wedding can be the moment a growing relationship is publicly declared, or it can be a celebration of a family life that has already matured and blossomed (we have occasionally christened children in the service too). You can dress for a grand occasion, but you do not have to dress up and the bride does not need to wear white -  the choice is yours!

The Church of England’s Weddings website ( contains a wealth of resources for planning your day including suggestions for readings, poems, hymns and other music, as well as advice on every aspect of wedding planning.

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