Life events (Christenings, Weddings and Funerals)

We are currently re-editing these pages: if you can't quickly find the information that you want - do please contact us to ask for further details.

For centuries, the Church has been at the heart of many of the landmark moments in people's lives, as well as at the beginning and end of life. We know that these are times when people think about things beyond themselves, reflecting on the significance and meaning of what's taking place - and we're always delighted to be partners with you, helping to mark it appropriately, and to explore how God may be present in it.

There are times when simple private prayers are all that is needed, and our ministers are always happy to be there for that. But sometimes there are moments when people want to gather, whether in our churches or in other appropriate places, and in that gathering to celebrate (and/or mourn), reflect and pray.

Three of the biggest public moments come near the beginning of life (at a Christening), when new committed relationships are formed (at Marriage or Blessing), and when we grieve the loss of loved ones (at a Funeral or connected service). These pages are here to help you think about how St Neots or Eynesbury Parish Church might be part of your Life Event. But it's very difficult to write everything here: if you would find it easier simply to talk, please don't hesistte to contact the parish office either by phone ( 01480 370312 ) or by email ( office @ ), where our administrator or a minister will be able to give you further guidance.

Please note that, while Baptism/Christening is always free of charge, some services are governed by fees which are set nationally each year - and there may be some extra charges for additions to the basic services. If you would like to consult the national fees table (which is quite complex in places!) it can be found here.

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